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Employee Engagement Challenges from the Latest Deloitte Report

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Would you be surprised to learn that culture and engagement is the most pressing human resources challenge facing organisations in 2015? This is just one of the insights from the latest release of Deloitte’s annual Global Human Capital Trends report.

The report in itself is an interesting read (you can view a summary or the whole report here). If you haven’t got the time to read right through, here’s a summary of five key findings that caught my attention. I’ve also outlined how these findings can create challenges in the development and execution of engagement strategies, including employee benefits programmes.

Engagement is no longer just a human resources problem.

Culture and engagement was highlighted as the top issue this year, edging out leadership, learning and development and performance management. Deloitte suggests that human resources teams can no longer afford to tackle the issue on their own and must draw on the resources and insights of other business units in order to make effective headway.

The Challenge: Do other key business units within the organisation appreciate the importance of engagement? Have they bought in to your employee engagement strategy?

It’s time to review all strategies.

As culture and engagement continues to be a challenge, many HR teams will find their strategies put under the microscope. The effectiveness of every program designed to empower the workforce needs to be assessed.

The Challenge: Is your employee engagement strategy clearly documented? Can the strategy and execution withstand intense scrutiny? Is it time to investigate alternative strategies?

The analytics can’t be ignored.

Every HR platform and solution comes equipped with an impressive analytics toolkit. Many HR teams do not quite grasp how to leverage their platform’s analytic tools to create value. The value of the data is understood, however many teams lack the skills required to mine for meaningful insights. The issue is amplified in organisations that employ multiple platforms that generate multiple datasets.

The Challenge: Does your team fully appreciate the breadth of their analytics? Is the data being used to inform new strategies and implementations?

Don’t think of employees as employees.

As skilled workforces become more selective about the opportunities they pursue, Deloitte suggests that HR teams consider their workforce as a collection of volunteers, not as employees. Culture and engagement is more important than salary package and traditional benefits for many prospective hires. The engagement approach needs to be genuine as social media and websites like Glassdoor allow anyone to take a peek behind the curtain.

The Challenge: Does your employee benefits programmes stack up, particularly when compared to those of your competitors or your workforce’s alternate employers?

Employees follow passion, not career paths.

Career ambition is no longer the major motivating force for many employees. Twice as many report that they’re driven by the passion for their work. This reinforces that HR teams need to “...focus on making the work environment compelling and enjoyable for everyone.”

The Challenge: Does your employee benefits programme contribute to a positive culture in your office? Are you equipped to manage the human capital challenges of 2015?

The team at Xexec have been developing employee benefits solutions for over 15 years, so we’re well placed to advise on any of the challenges I’ve outlined here. Give me a call - I’m always happy to talk with human resources teams that are looking to increase engagement.

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