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What is a Reward and Recognition Program?

‘Reward and recognition’ is the activity employers engage in to acknowledge exceptional performance and encourage specific values or...

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The Importance of Reward and Recognition

In November last year Harvard Business Review published an article by Mike Robbins, a leading authority on staff motivation and engagement...

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How Much Should I Pay for My Reward & Recognition Program?

Reward and recognition (R&R) is big business. According to industry research, organizations in the US alone spend $90B a year on non-cash...

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Top Tips for Running Reward & Recognition on a Budget

The current times we find ourselves in, within this pandemic, is an interesting one, especially for the economy and businesses alike. There...

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How can a remote workforce benefit from reward and recognition?

In light of the current COVID-19 outbreak and large sections of the workforce going remote as a result, it’s more important than ever that...

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Five top ways to improve your reward and recognition program in 2020

Business leaders need to inspire their employees not only with a clear vision but with Reward and Recognition. The following article looks...

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How do millennials want to be recognized in the workplace?

A common challenge for employers is figuring out how millennials want to be recognized at work. Indeed, we cannot talk about employee...

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Six essential elements for a successful employee recognition program

An effective reward and recognition program can increase productivity and job satisfaction, enhance teamwork and increase retention of the...

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What does a successful employee recognition program look like?

Reward and recognition schemes come in all shapes and sizes, but what constitutes a good one and how do you judge success? When considering...

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