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Employee Appreciation Day: recognizing and thanking your remote employees

Every year, Employee Appreciation Day falls on the first Friday of March (5th March 2021), and it's truly a day dedicated to recognizing...

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Google's Project Aristotle: What makes a good team?

Teamwork vs. autonomous working? The never ending debate... There's a lot to be said for both ends of the spectrum, but do the benefits of...

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5 Ways To Achieve a Work-Life Balance While Working From Home

When working from home exclusively the boundaries between your personal and professional lives start to blur and what once was a haven to...

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5 Key Employee Engagement Trends for 2021

The world as we know it has undergone so many paradigm shifts since the start of COVID-19, some expected and others caught many businesses...

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Why Is the Employee Experience So Important?

If someone were to ask what drives a business, on the whole, the answer would be customers. Because without customers, there is no...

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What Type of Recognition Do Employees Want?

There is always the debate about what type of recognition do employees actually want. Is it the promise of monetary bonuses for stellar...

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What Are Global HR Challenges When It Comes to Employee Engagement?

The role of HR within organizations has evolved and expanded over the last couple of decades. It's shifted from a more reactive traditional...

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5 Tips to Motivate Your Employees as 2020 Draws to a Close

As we head into the final stretch of 2020, with a lot of uncertainties looming, coupled with a general sense of lack of motivation and what...

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5 Reasons Why Employee Discounts Make a Difference to Your Employees

Many businesses may shy away from offering any type of employee discounts package to their employees, for the most part, they are afraid...

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