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Five Employee Discounts to engage your employees this Spring

Spring has sprung, the blossoms are out and it's time to say goodbye to the winter blues. And as lockdown and restrictions start to ease up, what better time than now to add in some cheerful and practical employee discounts for the whole team? We've rounded up five easily-implemented and fun ways to motivate and engage your employees after a long winter.

1. Discounted e-vouchers and gift cards
Planning to do some DIY this Spring, maybe a deck or some painting? How about a BBQ with your family and friends when the weather warms? Or having fun-filled picnics at the park? The list is endless and so are the opportunities with big discounts on e-vouchers and shopping cards from Tesco, Morrisons, B&Q, Sainsbury's and so on. By giving them the gift of choice on savings on things they would have usually purchased, shows you're going above and beyond and care about them out of the (virtual) office too.

2. Healthy body, healthy mind
Let's be honest, after our long lockdown winter and overindulging with comfort foods as well as safely wearing oversized jumpers, it's time to get ready for the Spring, and boost both our bodies and our minds. A healthy employee = a happy employee. It's a win-win! Maintaining a healthy body and mind can have a plethora of positive effects including boosting productivity and performance, decreasing sick days and employee absenteeism and increasing the overall team morale. Employers can get creative with this employee benefit, as lifestyle benefits are a hot topic. This could include everything from discounted gym memberships, online exercise and yoga classes, free access to a meditation app or a team boot-camp in a park. 

3. Savings on things to do and days out
As a lot more places start to re-open after lockdown and restrictions for so many months, why not treat the family to a day out or a trip to the cinema? Or fancy a visit to theme parks and local attractions in the coming months? With so many variants and offers at hand, give your team access to a discounts portal where there's something for everyone. These savings will go along way and help bring many smiles during these Spring and Summer months. 

4. Something for the foodies
We all know that working from home, whilst having the kids around and extra household duties adds to the stress of everyday life, so why not take away the dilemma of dinner time by offering something for the whole family to enjoy. Be it pizza for the kids or a sushi feast for the grown ups, get it delivered to your door step from your favourite eateries by Deliveroo and UberEats.  

5. Travel savings
As lockdown restrictions start to ease and things start to return to some sort of normal, it's fair to say that everyone needs a break; be it a family weekend or a romantic getaway. By offering your employees access to discounted exclusive travel packages, savings on hotels, flights and airport parking, your employees will truly feel the effects of this helping hand benefit. Shopping around for the best deals and packages can often be a faff, so why not give them access to a dedicated travel concierge service who can take all the pressure off and book the best possible deal? The concierge team will also be able to get extra perks including early check-ins, late check-outs, spa vouchers... to name a few.

There are so many ways in which employee benefits can be used to engage and motivate your employees, especially if they are still very much dispersed. There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to employee engagement. Organisations need to think outside the box and tailor the employee benefits offering to its team to ensure its relevant and effective. There's so much to take into account, from demographics to geographical location, from varying generations to specific likes and needs. With the current, volatile circumstances we find ourselves in, employers need to ensure there are as many touch points for engagement as possible, especially with a diverse workforce potentially working in multiple locations. 

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