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Got Talent? 10 Tips to Spot Talent in Your Company…

One of the most difficult and important jobs for managers and Human Resources teams is to spot talent.

According to recent research by CEB Global, the work environment is very different now to five years ago, which makes spotting rising stars even more difficult. Our work is more global, interconnected, and more information is available to us than ever before. The leadership environment is also different. Business leaders often have more diversity in responsibility, which means that managers need to rely on their peers for expertise outside of their own area. Teams too have changed – they are often geographically dispersed, so managers have less time with their team.

So in this changing environment, how do managers spot real talent? Here are my Top Ten Tips…

  1. Don’t just rely on annual reviews - Have informal talks, find out what’s going on ‘on the shop floor’.
  2. Look at rewards in your company – the best reward systems provide easy-to-access valuable performance data to management so you can see who is being rewarded, how often, for what and by whom. This data saves Human Resources departments hours of information-sourcing time.
  3. Look at peer to peer recognition – Again, some rewards portals enable peer-to-peer recognition, not just top down rewards. This gives an indication of who is appreciated the most as a team player. 
  4. This will help you to identify individuals who don’t just focus on their job, but think more broadly about the organisation’s goals. 
  5. Look for a positive, can do attitude – someone who is reliable, meets deadlines, is eager to take on more, passionate, and energetic. 
  6. Identify people who guide their team to leverage others’ expertise. 
  7. Similarly, look out for those who have the strength to ask for help, and recognise areas where they are weak – we can’t all be expert at everything and asking for help is not a weakness. 
  8. Identify individuals who show agility – because change is a constant, rising stars are those who can move with the changes. 
  9. Look at problem-solving skills. Have they exhibited the ability to come up with creative solutions to issues? 
  10. Look for communication skills – someone who is known to be a people person.

Now you’ve identified your top talent, my next blog will look at what Human Resources Directors can do to retain these rising stars…

What are your top tips to identify talent?

Do you use a rewards portal that lets you access performance data?

Does this enable peer-to-peer as well as top down recognition?

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