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How to build an Effective Employee Recognition Strategy [Webinar]

Employee recognition has become a popular concept in recent times and many organisations have adopted programmes in testament to its importance in helping to attract and retain talent within the workforce. But there remains a gap between what many programmes set out to achieve and what they do, in fact, deliver.

Most often the failure of such schemes arises from the lack of an effective strategy.

A good employee recognition strategy can make all the difference in whether a programme succeeds or fails - yet it can be a challenge knowing where to start.

So we thought we would put together a webinar to help guide you towards success. We reveal the key mistakes to avoid when implementing an employee recognition programme as well as the types of questions you should be asking (in addition to these) when formulating your strategy to ensure success.

In this recorded webinar join Jamie King, Director of Global Reward at Xexec, as he shares insights from his experience helping organisations implement strategic reward and recognition (R&R) programmes.

Attendees will learn more about:

  • What recognition is
  • Why recognition matters
  • 1 factor never to lose sight of when analysing your recognition strategy
  • 10 critical questions to ask when developing your recogniton strategy
  • 6 practical lessons to help you effectively implement an employee recognition programme
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