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Reward and Recognition: A thank-you goes a long way

Alex Franquelli | July 16, 2019

It is only natural: receiving a simple “thank you” goes a very long way, and it works both ways. The great economist Adam Smith once said that gratitude – the feeling of appreciation for what others present us with – is what keeps communities..

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Topics: Reward and Recognition

Employee Engagement Across Generations

Talya Zwiers | July 11, 2019

For both established and burgeoning companies across UK cities, employers are facing new challenges in how they engage their workforce. Companies that take special care to encourage diversity among their employees will find that they must,..

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Topics: Employee Engagement

How to make a lasting change to your employee culture

Jamie King | July 1, 2019

There are many reasons that a business may feel it has to make changes to its employee culture. After all, as we have previously explored, the influence that culture has over the success or failure of a business should not be underestimated and it..

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Topics: Employee Engagement, Reward and Recognition

What role is tech playing in our changing approach to employee motivation?

Talya Zwiers | June 25, 2019

Technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives – and with such a dramatic pace of change, it can sometimes feel hard to keep up. But when it comes to your business, can you risk falling behind?The opportunities that technology offers are..

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Topics: Employee Engagement

Xexec shortlisted for International Benefits Provider of the Year Award

Talya Zwiers | June 20, 2019

We're very happy to announce that we've been selected as a finalist in this year's Workplace Savings & Benefits (WSB) Awards for the International Benefits Provider of the Year Award. These awards recognise excellence amongst employers and..

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Topics: Company News

Employee culture: the importance of being authentic

Talya Zwiers | June 18, 2019

We’ve written previously about the importance of being strategic and proactive when it comes to the creation of your employee culture. As with your organisation’s overarching purpose and goals, it is not something to be left to chance, allowed to..

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Topics: Employee Engagement

Employee culture disruptors: 5 companies that have changed the way we work

Talya Zwiers | June 11, 2019

We live in the age of the disruptors. There have probably never been more businesses that have entered the market and dramatically changed the way we live. Established models that had remained unchanged for decades have suddenly been turned on their..

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Topics: Employee Engagement

The benefits of a strategic employee culture

Jacqueline Benjamin | June 6, 2019

Company culture has been in the news a lot recently – but, unfortunately, for all the wrong reasons. It seems that hardly a day passes without another tale of company culture gone bad. Another scandal, another leader ousted for enabling or even..

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Topics: Employee Engagement

The 10 biggest mistakes in reward and recognition

Jamie King | May 30, 2019

The merits of reward and recognition within a workplace are numerous and well-documented. Similarly, the risks associated with neglecting reward and recognition practises are becoming increasingly apparent. A recent Xexec survey of 1,000 employees..

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Topics: Reward and Recognition

Are your company's employee benefits and culture really working together?

James Solomon | May 27, 2019
Employee benefits should be an extension and an expression of your company culture, but they also play a lead role in helping create and maintain it. When you work to ensure your benefits and culture are in sync, the pay-offs can be great.  Working..
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Topics: Employee Benefits

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