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Thames Valley Police launches comprehensive employee discounts and concierge scheme

Jacqueline Benjamin | September 18, 2018

Thames Valley Police has teamed up with Xexec to launch a comprehensive employee discounts and lifestyle concierge package for its 8,000 strong workforce. After speaking with a number of employee benefits providers, Thames Valley Police opted for..

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Changing employee benefits needs: how to ask employee benefits providers the right questions to get the reward programme you need

Jacqueline Benjamin | September 10, 2018

Employee benefits needs are constantly changing and for employers trying to motivate and engage today’s workforce, employee reward is increasingly about much more than just salary. These changes go hand in hand with a rapidly evolving employee..

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The happiness factor and how it impacts employee engagement

Talya Zwiers | September 6, 2018

What makes people happy? How does happiness impact on the working environment, employee engagement and overall productivity? Do employees have any control over their happiness at work and how can they thrive? There’s been abundance of research done..

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What is a Reward and Recognition Program?

Jamie King | September 3, 2018

‘Reward and recognition’ is the activity employers engage in to acknowledge exceptional performance and encourage specific values or behaviours within their organisation. By formalising this activity into reward and recognition programs, employers..

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Employee engagement – looking into the future with Generation Z

Talya Zwiers | August 9, 2018

In recent time gone by, it seems like professionals couldn’t go a day without hearing about the Millennials and how to attract, retain and manage them, their values and needs in a company. Fast forward to the present, these millennials are now..

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Fixed or growth mindset – what does it mean for employee recognition?

Jacqueline Benjamin | August 2, 2018

Carol Dweck is a Psychologist at Stanford University whose theories on the psychology of skills and talent could have a major bearing on the way that companies interact with their employees. Her book, Mindset, established the idea of ‘Fixed..

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5 tips for improving employee wellbeing inside and out of work

Talya Zwiers | July 30, 2018

Positive wellbeing is good for employees and employers alike. Research suggests it can have an impact on motivation, productivity, absenteeism and staff turnover. Indeed, figures from the Centre for Mental Health suggest that UK companies lose £34.9..

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6 must have elements for a successful reward and recognition programme

Jamie King | July 24, 2018

An effective reward and recognition programme can increase productivity and job satisfaction, enhance teamwork and increase retention of the right caliber of employees, as well as lower the rate of absenteeism and stress. These programmes should..

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The multiplier effect in Employee Engagement

Talya Zwiers | July 10, 2018

The race to acquire, engage and retain the right employees in a business is ongoing and as always, ever-challenging. Competition is high, turnover is expensive and employees want job satisfaction and to be engaged more so than ever before. Employee..

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Long Service Awards – what’s the best approach for my business?

Jamie King | June 18, 2018

One of the most frequent questions we are asked by our clients and potential clients is about how to best implement and reward staff for long service. This is not quite as simple as the question may seem and there are a number of considerations. For..

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