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Can Radical Candor support your reward and recognition strategy?

Jamie King | October 30, 2018

‘Radical candor’ is a management approach that has gained popularity in Silicon Valley off the back of a bestselling book by former Google and Apple exec, Kim Scott. One of Scott’s key points relates to the importance of challenging directly:..

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Topics: Reward and Recognition

How can Artificial Intelligence impact employee engagement?

Talya Zwiers | October 23, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is infiltrating every aspect of our lives today and there’s no difference in businesses, both large and small. The rate of technological advancement and disruption is the market is off the charts, so what better time..

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Topics: Employee Engagement

How do I implement a global reward and recognition scheme?

Jamie King | October 18, 2018

It’s easier than ever for businesses to operate on the international stage and we deal with an increasing number of employers looking to engage and motivate a workforce spread across the globe. One common challenge amongst such organisations is the..

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Topics: Reward and Recognition

4 ways to introduce financial wellbeing to a global workforce

Jacqueline Benjamin | October 8, 2018

There is something of a consensus that financial stresses and strains can have a hugely negative impact on employee wellbeing, as well as knock on effects in terms of their engagement, motivation and productivity in the workplace. Yet according to..

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Topics: Employee Engagement

How to use personalisation to improve employee retention

Jacqueline Benjamin | September 28, 2018

Over the past decade we have seen a shift in focus from structured employee remuneration packages towards a far more flexible and personalised approach. Much of this has been driven by Silicon Valley but it may also point to the rising influence of..

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Topics: Reward and Recognition

What’s the difference between employee reward and employee recognition?

Jamie King | September 27, 2018

Employee reward and employee recognition both have important roles to play in engaging and motivating staff so it’s no surprise that many HR professionals have taken to discussing ‘reward and recognition programmes’ as a single concept (ourselves..

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Topics: Reward and Recognition

Thames Valley Police launches comprehensive employee discounts and concierge scheme

Jacqueline Benjamin | September 18, 2018

Thames Valley Police has teamed up with Xexec to launch a comprehensive employee discounts and lifestyle concierge package for its 8,000 strong workforce. After speaking with a number of employee benefits providers, Thames Valley Police opted for..

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Topics: Company News

Changing employee benefits needs: how to ask employee benefits providers the right questions to get the reward programme you need

Jacqueline Benjamin | September 10, 2018

Employee benefits needs are constantly changing and for employers trying to motivate and engage today’s workforce, employee reward is increasingly about much more than just salary. These changes go hand in hand with a rapidly evolving employee..

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Topics: Employee Benefits

The happiness factor and how it impacts employee engagement

Talya Zwiers | September 6, 2018

What makes people happy? How does happiness impact on the working environment, employee engagement and overall productivity? Do employees have any control over their happiness at work and how can they thrive? There’s been abundance of research done..

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Topics: Employee Engagement

What is a Reward and Recognition Program?

Jamie King | September 3, 2018

‘Reward and recognition’ is the activity employers engage in to acknowledge exceptional performance and encourage specific values or behaviours within their organisation. By formalising this activity into reward and recognition programs, employers..

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Topics: Employee Recognition

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