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Xexec Recognition Breakfast Event - Jan 2018 Roundup

Jacqueline Benjamin | February 2, 2018

“Start small but think big” to achieve recognition success, argues Head of Organisational Effectiveness at Sainsbury’s.

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Topics: Reward and Recognition, Events

Employee Benefits - If it ain’t broke consider breaking it...

Jacqueline Benjamin | January 15, 2018

I read an inspiring article the other day by author and motivational speaker Rasmus Ankerson. Titled “if it ain’t broken, consider breaking it” the piece looks at the issue of complacency amongst businesses – particularly successful ones – and it..

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Topics: Employee Benefits

Employee Engagement Lessons from Steve Jobs

Jacqueline Benjamin | December 21, 2017

There’s no shortage of inspirational Steve Jobs quotes online. He has unsurprisingly developed something of a mythical status in the world of business. Under his watchful eye, Apple revolutionised personal computers, mobile phones and consumption..

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Topics: Employee Engagement

Why Employee Recognition is not just for Christmas….

Jamie King | December 14, 2017

For most employers the Christmas season is an opportunity to do a little something extra for your team. Initiatives such as staff Christmas events are a great way of building rapport between team members as well as, essentially, having a bit of..

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Topics: Employee Recognition

How should my charity approach employee recognition?

Jamie King | December 8, 2017

When it comes to employee recognition, I can’t emphasise enough the importance of tailoring a solution specific to your organisation and charities face some unique challenges in this respect. For most organisations, employee recognition is about..

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Topics: Employee Recognition

Budgeting and Planning for Reward and Recognition

Jamie King | November 22, 2017

With 2018 fast approaching now is the time that many businesses will start to think about next year’s reward and recognition budget. If that’s you, here are three questions you should be asking:

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Topics: Reward and Recognition

Plugging the Brexit Brain Drain with Reward and Recognition

Jamie King | November 9, 2017

It’s no secret that the UK economy relies heavily on EU workers (14% of FTSE 100 Directors are EU nationals), yet evidence is mounting that this important segment of the workforce is feeling increasingly insecure following the EU referendum. A ..

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Topics: Reward and Recognition

Our Newest Employee Discount Platform Client: Momenta Group

Jacqueline Benjamin | October 13, 2017

Xexec is pleased to announce that Momenta Group is the latest client to have come onboard and we’re delighted that their 1300 associates will benefit from our market-leading employee discount platform and concierge service.

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Topics: Company News

5 Employee Benefits your team can enjoy this Autumn

Jacqueline Benjamin | October 9, 2017

Autumn is well and truly here. As the cold weather sets in and the clocks go back it can be harder than ever to motivate your staff and keep them feeling positive and engaged. With this in mind it’s worth considering which employee benefits will..

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Topics: Employee Benefits

Why traditional employee benefits schemes no longer work

Saul Meyer | October 2, 2017

Companies can no longer rely on traditional employee benefits schemes to attract and retain talent. An increasingly diverse workforce requires flexibility, imagination and innovation from its employer’s reward and recognition programme.

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Topics: Employee Benefits

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