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Behaviour driven Reward & Recognition and how it works across a wider business landscape

“Sometimes people are motivated to act because of internal desires and wishes, but at other times, behaviours are driven by a desire for...

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Seven Questions with Paula Evans at Fujitsu - Managing Engagement during the Coronavirus

In the latest of our interview series we caught up with Paula Evans, Head of Pensions and Benefits UK & Ireland at Fujitsu to get her...

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The relationship between company culture and employee well-being

There is a close connection between company culture and the mental health of employees. This is a relationship that businesses need to...

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Should company culture come from 'top-down' or 'bottom-up'?

Company culture is effectively an organisation’s personality and in many ways it can be as unique and complex as any individual. Just as...

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Employee Culture: what can millennials teach us about the modern workplace?

It can sometimes seem that so-called ‘millennials’ – basically anyone born between 1981 and 1996 – have a slightly unfavourable reputation...

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How to make a lasting change to your employee culture

There are many reasons that a business may feel it has to make changes to its employee culture. After all, as we have previously explored,...

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