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Why Customer Loyalty Programmes Are Important For Your Business

James Solomon | March 19, 2019
The idea behind customer retention emphasis is simple: there are only finite number of customers any given business can serve. But returning and loyal customers is what makes it possible for the business to perpetually make sales and stay..
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How can customer loyalty schemes create more revenue for retailers?

Saul Meyer | March 28, 2018

I was recently interviewed by the BBC about the role that customer loyalty schemes are playing in helping retailers to generate additional revenue. This was off the back of a report published this time last year by the British Retail Consortium..

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Topics: Customer Loyalty

Three Very Different Loyal Customers

Jacqueline Benjamin | June 10, 2015

The value of a loyal customer is obvious — there is plenty of research available that demonstrates a loyal customer’s tendency to spend more, stay longer and advocate to others. For example, a study by the Centre for Retail Management found that..

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Topics: Customer Loyalty


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