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Got Talent? 10 Tips to Spot Talent in Your Company…

One of the most difficult and important jobs for managers and Human Resources teams is to spot talent. According to recent research by CEB...

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Because You’re WORTH It!

We all know LÓreal’s famous catchphrase for consumers ‘because you’re worth it’. I believe that all managers should follow this mantra when...

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Which is the Better Employer - Facebook or Google?

There is fierce competition among Human Resources Directors from top companies to attract and retain top talent. A critical way that...

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Anglian Water immerse themselves in Employee Recognition with Xexec

Xexec and Anglian Water, one of the UKs leading water utility providers, today announced the official launch of its new employee Reward &...

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Employee Appreciation is key

There's a lot of buzz out there about employee engagement, reward and recognition, employee motivation... It's so easy to get bogged down...

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Eight Key Metrics That Can Diagnose Poor Employee Engagement

Don’t wait until your next employee satisfaction survey to discover that your workforce is unhappy or unengaged.

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