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Xexec launches new Employee Discounts Chrome Extension

Xexec has launched its first-of-its kind Chrome Extension for every user of its employee discounts platform. Available to all clients, Xexec’s new Chrome Extension will automatically present relevant deals straight from the portal to every employee using the Chrome Search Engine.

By simply installing the Xexec Chrome Extension via the Chrome Web Store, users now have an additional route to access all the thousands of everyday discounts whenever they browse and shop online by being notified of exclusive and relevant deals via a pop-up as they browse their favourite online retailers. Then each user can just click on the chosen deal and save.

“Technology has made it easier and easier for employees to access corporate discount platforms from any device at any time, but we constantly strive to remove all barriers to use”, said Jacqueline Benjamin, Co-founder and Director of Xexec “Our new Chrome Extension enables users to take advantage of the amazing discounts we offer as they shop online, enabling them to be more spontaneous and making it quicker and easier to save money – which is the overall aim of the service we offer”.

The new extension customises and matches the user’s browsing experience with that of the portal, allowing them to take full advantage of all the same offers when shopping on the internet, without needing to always be logged in to the portal. This is especially useful if users usually access these offers through a work SSO intranet.

In addition to the employee discounts online portal and a fully optimised iOS and Android mobile app, users now have access to all round savings of up to 50% once they download the extension whilst they freely browse the store of choice online. Xexec believes this will new Chrome Extension will create a win-win situation for everyone, encouraging more usage of discounts by the end-user as well as increasing revenue for its vendors and retailers.

To download the Xexec Chrome Extension, visit the Google Chrome Webstore here.

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