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Xexec launches New Employee Discounts Portal and lifestyle concierge service for UCLH Bank Partners

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Xexec has launched a new Employee Discounts portal for the University College Hospital London (UCLH) Staff Bank, managed by Bank Partners. Bank Partners is the exclusive provider of high-quality independent staffing, bank management and outsourced staff for UCLH NHS Foundation Trust. The new discount platform will be available to all 3,100 staff at UCLH Staff Bank, including all support and temporary staff in place at UCLH.

The new portal will give all UCLH Staff Bank employees access to thousands of retail discounts at favourite high street department stores available both online and in-store, supermarkets, cinema and travel. In addition, all staff will have 24/7 access to a bespoke lifestyle concierge service to help with all day-to-day issues such as booking flights, hotels, concert tickets, restaurants and household services.

“Having seen the success of the same platform Xexec launched for UCLH last year, this was a very simple decision for us to work with Xexec to provide the same service for our staff being supplied through UCLH Staff Bank, managed by Bank Partners”, said Michelle Marples, UCLH Contracts Manager at Bank Partners. “It is really important, now more than ever, that our NHS workers, whether supplied via us or working substantively through the NHS Foundation Trust, are given as much support as possible, and providing them with access to Xexec’s amazing range of discounts just goes a little way to help show our gratitude for all their hard work”.

Based on the success of the existing service Xexec provided UCLH, it was agreed that all staff working at and for the hospital should have access to the same discounts and services. The new portal went live at the end of September.

“We are very proud to be working with Bank Partners and have enjoyed the process at every step”, said Jacqueline Benjamin, Co-founder Xexec. “We have been able to work with Michelle and her team to get this portal up and running in a short period of time from both planning to launch. We are already seeing good engagement and look forward to a successful partnership moving fromward.”

The employee discounts portal is accessible to all employees via any connected device, at any time from any location. In addition, the new Google Chrome Extension built into the platform, notifies staff in real time when new discounts are available at their favourite online outlets.

For more information about Xexec’s Employee Discount and lifestyle Concierge services, please get in touch.

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